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Passionate pet professionals helping passionate pet owners.

We require a meet and greet prior to all services.

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Live-In Care

Standard Care - $250/day

Our Pet Sitting service offers the highest quality of care for your beloved pup. Unlike most pet sitting companies that leave dogs alone 6-8 hours while servicing other clients, GWCH Dog Nanny sitters base their schedules around your pet while they are staying with them. An experienced sitter will live in your home while you are away, ensuring that your dog is never left alone for more than four hours at a time and has your sitter's company at least 16 hours a day. Keeping your pup in their home environment minimizes stress (there's no place like home!) and allows them to maintain their normal routine. We provide lots of exercise, cuddles while catching up on Netflix, and playing to ensure your pup is more than content while their family is away.

In addition to giving your pup a stellar staycation, you can expect your home to be as tidy as you left it, the trash taken out, mail brought in, and the linens washed. No driving to and from the kennel, just coming home to a clean home and a wagging tail.

Live-In Care

Constant Care - $450/day

We are the only provider in our service area that offers 24-hour-care live-in care for your pup, no matter what their age or stage. Our service is particularly well-suited for senior dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, or puppies under 6 months who need extra TLC (and frequent potty breaks). You can rest assured knowing your pup will be in the care of a professional certified in Pet CPR & First Aid as well as extremely well versed in behavior (and giving treats and kisses).

Dog in the Park
Image by David White
Private In-Home Boarding - $250/day

Our In-Home Boarding service offers a unique experience for your furry friend. Your pup will stay in your sitter's home, where they will be the only canine in the household. This means you don't have to worry about your pup being exposed to the excess psychological or physical stress of group boarding. Your pup will get to enjoy the full attention of their sitter and will have their own bed (or sleep in your sitter's!), toys, and plenty of love and cuddles - a real vacation!

Drop-In Care

Don't need us to spend the night? We are happy to swing by, as needed! 

Stuck at work and need someone to walk your pup out and feed them dinner? We're there.


Want to take a day trip upstate with the kids, but Fido doesn't share your love of road trips? We can hang with your dog for as many hours as you like while you enjoy the day.

30 minute visit: $30

60 minute visit: $45

Add $5 per additional pet.

Image by André Dehne
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